Automated customer communication with vacapo®

Automate now channel-independent and intelligent!

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vacapo® – the omnichannel software tool

Based on Unified Communications, vacapo® combines all conceivable communication possibilities and channels. Automated customer communications has never been so easy and efficient!

The functions of vacapo® have been developed from the practical requirements of our customers. We always keep our ears on the cutting edge and take into account the latest technological developments such as synthetic language and artificial intelligence.

vacapo® Products

vacapo® translate

Across different telephony technologies, vacapo® translate is your voice translator in real time.

About vacapo® translate

vacapo® voice

as a contact center software, vacapo® voice is the basis for the automation of voice-based customer communication.

About vacapo® voice

vacapo® survey

Automated, personalized phone surveys that satisfy your customers – that’s vacapo® survey.

About vacapo® survey

vacapo® mail

Optimized e-mail management for easy editing by your team – now feasible with vacapo® mail.

About vacapo® mail

vacapo® chat

Working on customer concerns without waiting time creates customer satisfaction and becomes a reality with vacapo® chat.

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vacapo® ai connect

vacapo® ai connect offers you a variety of AI-based services for customer and service communication.

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vacapo® Core Features

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Business Application Workflow

Automated workflows along customer communication across applications and departments can be implemented in a playful way with vacapo® service. Your customers will be thrilled!

In addition, vacapo® offers standard connections to CRM systems such as SalesForce and integrates all business systems.

Automated workflows

Improved customer communication

Integration into the vacapo® workflow
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Lowcode Scripting

The functionality of vacapo® is based on HTML5. This makes it possible to use On Premise as well as in the private cloud. External users can be easily connected.

With vacapo®, all adjustments can be made with end-to-end lowcode scripting without programming. This creates flexibility and saves time and costs.

Easy to connect external users

Customizations without programming skills

Flexible and resource-saving

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Real-time monitoring

The perfect orchestration of your customer and service communication. With vacapo® you track processes in real time and thus have a perfect and up-to-date overview.

for pinpoint billing, vacapo® provides perfectly updated data of times, performances and much more. This saves you time and money even with “Billing & Co”.

Automated communication in real time

Consolidated monitoring across channels

Up-to-date and concrete data for evaluation

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GDPR/GDPR Compliance

With the Contact Center software vacapo® you ensure GDPR-compliant processing. The automatic anonymization of employee and customer data is thus guaranteed. Of course, the targeted deletion of call recordings, the anonymization in real-time monitoring and historical statistical data are also guaranteed.

vacapo® also provides you with freely configurable opt-in and opt-out procedures.

GDPR/GDPR compliant

Automatic anonymization

Configurable Opt-In & Opt-Out Procedures

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Integrated quality management

Employees quickly receive feedback through the integrated quality features of vacapo®. These include: Integrated records, evaluation options by coaches, and automated customer satisfaction surveys.

Employees, together with their personal agent KPIs, can thus improve the quality of communication on their own responsibility.

Integrated recording and evaluation capability

Automatic customer satisfaction surveys

Personal Agent KPIs

Appointment for consultation

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