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vacapo® – Your modular Omnichannel Software-Tool

Built on Unified Communications, vacapo® integrates all conceivable communication methods and channels. Automated customer communication has never been so easy and efficient! The features of vacapo® have been developed based on the practical requirements of our customers. We always keep our finger on the pulse of the times, incorporating the latest technological advancements such as synthetic speech and artificial intelligence.

Delight customers – orchestrate communication

With vacapo®, you empower your customers to freely choose their service communication channels. No matter which channels your customers use to communicate with you, with vacapo, you orchestrate your communication in a customer-centric and efficient manner across all channels. Your team always stays in control.

All established communication channels

Channel-specific automations

Cross-channel Monitoring & Reporting

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vacapo® Core-Features

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Universal Inbox for your employees

With vacapo®, your employees communicate using just one client. This consolidates all communication at a central point.

Focus on customers without changing software

Stressfree communication

More fun and better outcomes

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Dynamic Omnichannel Routing

With vacapo®’s Routing Engine, you dynamically connect customers based on a variety of adjustable parameters and combinable priorities. This allows you to implement any business routing strategy.

Real-time automated communication

Consolidated monitoring across channels.

Current and specific data for analysis

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Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is the foundation for the perfect orchestration of your customer and service communication. This provides you with a constant, up-to-date overview of communication activities within your organization.


Automatic anonymization

Configurable Opt-In & Opt-Out procedures

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Integrated quality management

Employees receive prompt feedback through vacapo®’s integrated quality features, including integrated recordings, assessment options by coaches, and automatic customer satisfaction surveys. This enables employees, along with their personal agent KPIs, to autonomously enhance communication quality.


Integrated recording and assessment capability

Automatic customer satisfaction surveys

Personal agent KPIs

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Lowcode Scripting

If you wish to implement specific functional requirements, vacapo® allows for most functional customizations without programming. Our low-code scripting can be applied across all functional areas of vacapo®.

Customizations without programming skills

Flexible and resource-efficient

Available across the entire product architecture

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Business Application Workflow

Automated workflows along customer communication across applications and departments are effortlessly achievable with vacapo®. Your customers will be delighted! Additionally, vacapo® provides standard integrations with CRM systems such as SalesForce and seamlessly integrates with all business systems.


Automated Workflows

Enhanced customer communication

Integration in den vacapo® workflow

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GDPR Compliance

With the contact center software vacapo®, you ensure GDPR-compliant processing. In addition to secure and trustworthy operations with locations in Austria and Germany, features like automated deletion of call recordings, real-time monitoring anonymization, and many other security functions are standard. Upon request, you can also pseudonymize your employee and customer data.

GDPR compliant

Pseudonymization upon request

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vacapo® Modules

Call Management

Proven automation of telephonic communication, including Voicebot & Co.

vacapo® voice

E-Mail Management

Optimal management through content-dependent Auto Replay, Routing & Contact Center Monitoring.

vacapo® mail


Fastest communication with voice translation, Contact Center Routing including Chatbot & Co.

 vacapo® chat


Successfully communicate in the Contact Center with WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.

vacapo® messenger


AdHoc and scheduled VideoChat integrated into Contact Center Routing.

 vacapo® video

Conversational AI

vacapo® ai connect offers a variety of AI-based services for customer and service communication.

 vacapo® ai connect

Language Translation

Best integrated voice translation for telephony and chat based on leading AI.

vacapo® translate

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