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vacapo® ai connect

By integrating Cognitive Services into your PBX, you achieve maximum AI dialog capability in your customer and service communications.

vacapo® ai connect connects any conventional PBX with the world’s leading AI-based services from amazon and Google, for example. This diversity gives you the best results and is independent of the AI strategy of your respective telephony and UC providers.

This is high end voicebot quality!

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Create artificial, natural-language dialogues

With the integrated graphical scripting engine from vacapo® ai connect, you can easily and directly in the system to create artificial, natural language and personalized voicebot dialogs.

Two speech bubbles each with the hint of a sound track and text.
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Maintain your independence

With vacapo® ai connect you stay independent. While you use the connectivity of your voicebot services in their entirety, you don’t have to deliver to an AI service provider.

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Leading Automatic Speech Recognition Services

Depending on the language, the vacapo® ai connect Voicebot uses the appropriate ASR service provider to provide you and your customers with the best quality in speech recognition.

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ASR - Linguistic Diversity

Depending on the language, vacapo® ai connect accesses the most suitable speech recognition service, whether Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Kaldi. All of these services are directly connected and give you the best speech recognition experience.

ASR Detection Quality

To enable good speech recognition, you sometimes need to be able to integrate special ASR services. With vacapo® ai connect you can connect the best ASR services to ensure optimal recognition quality.

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Leverage leading text-to-speech services

Automated voicebots are available in different qualities and designs. Choose the most suitable voice generators for your applications for synthetic language generation and surprise your customers with perfect dialogues.

Text-to-speech linguistic diversity

With vacapo® ai connect you can access the most diverse and best services worldwide. This gives you an incredible variety of generable languages and voicebot personalities. More than 40 different languages are already available with the existing standard connections.

Text-to-speech voice quality

Depending on the topic and task, it is important to be able to choose the voicebot personality that suits the task. With vacapo® ai connect you have this choice and thus secure the best voice quality.

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A platform for many voicebot services

With vacapo® ai connect you have a single platform for a wide variety of voicebot services. Whether you start with just one voicebot service or run multiple applications at once. With vacapo® ai connect, they can grow indefinitely and operate as many services as they want.

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Intent Recognition

With vacapo® ai connect, the world of Intent Recognition Services is of course also open to you. Whether you are working with Dialogflow or other systems, vacapo® ai connect allows you to integrate all Intent Recognition Services quickly and easily.

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