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Woman taps on a tablet.

vacapo® chat

With vacapo® chat you communicate with your customers directly on your website. Without waiting time and individually tailored to the respective subject area. vacapo® chat automatically and intelligently engages the right employees.

This is how chat works on your website!

Chat is offered dynamically only when the team is ready.

With vacapo® chat you define when and where exactly a chat is offered on your website. Especially important: They also define in advance which employee profiles and teams in their organization will conduct the respective chats. This ensures that the specific knowledge of your employees for the respective chat actually finds your visitors.

Woman taps on a tablet.
Woman taps on a tablet.

Dynamic activation and control

The communication is started by vacapo® chat automatically according to your specifications.
For this dynamic communication start, vacapo® chat takes customer-specific information directly from your CRM, ERP or ticket systems.
This ensures individual support for your customers and prospects throughout the entire dialogue.

Integrated Omnichannel Routing

With vacapo® chat you systematically integrate chats into the omnichannel routing of all channels. This way, your customers are served as quickly as possible. And your employees remain focused on the current communication.

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Individual communication mix

With vacapo® chat you define which contact center employees receive, for example, not only telephony and mail, but also chat communication for processing. You can also define the individual communication mix for each individual employee.
In this way, you not only ensure a short processing time, but also take into account the different strengths of your employees.

Parallel chat processing

Chat is a fast medium, but often customers are not so fast in communication. With vacapo® chat your employees can easily edit additional chats in parallel. The number of parallel chats can be extended or reduced depending on the workload.

Woman taps on a tablet.
Woman taps on a tablet.

Automatic language translation

With vacapo®, you also communicate with website visitors who don’t speak the language of your employees. vacapo® chat translates your communication in real time and bidirectionally – into more than 100 languages!

Integrated chatbot logic

With vacapo® you can use the powerful scripting logic of vacapo®. This not only allows you to design your chatbot dialogs individually, but you can combine these automatic dialogs with your conventional dialogues conducted by employees as desired.

Woman taps on a tablet.
Robots with two speech bubbles each for voicebot and chatbot.
Robots with two speech bubbles each for voicebot and chatbot.

From chatbot to voicebot

The chat dialogs created with vacapo® can also be used naturally in the form of voicebot dialogs with the help of vacapo® ai connect. This makes the dialogs not only textual on your website, but also can be used naturally in your language channels.
It’s as simple as that!

Automatic logging & deletion

Chat communication is logged by vacapo® chat is either automatic or GDPR compliant. The protocols or filing, including archiving, are delivered according to freely definable criteria. Thus, not only a later inspection is possible, but also the automatic deletion according to the GDPR.

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