Email Automation

Faster and better.

Traditional Email tools do not measure end-to-end processing times. Therefore, problem areas within the processes cannot be identified quickly, the edits are often made according to personal preferences rather than factual criteria, and the external processes (e.g. to service providers) are even more difficult to portray.

Problematic effects: Replies to inquiries via Email take too long in general; in the case of difficult inquiries, the queues extend even more. Clients receive divergent informations, while reclamations increase.

Own Web Client

vacapo® eliminates the need to install Email software on the client. Emails stay in vacapo®


Since vacapo® is a fully integrated SMTP system, all commercially available systems can be connected.

Automatic classification

Emails are automatically classified by content in the subject, content in the text and other criteria for further automation steps.

Pick & Push delivery

By means of variable delivery options, you prioritize the processing by the delivery type.

End-to-End Management

Also when forwarded to external subscribers, e.g. service provider, the entire functionality remains upright.

Dynamic Autoresponse

Automatic, dynamically controlled responses – depending on the process definition, customer status, browsing history etc.

Duplicate Recognition

Repeated contacts of customers, at different contact points of the organization, are automatically recognized.

Skill- & workload-based Routing

The processing of different communication channels can be variably assigned to employees.

Automatic Translation

Foreign language texts are automatically translated into the language of the employees and vice versa. Available in more than 40 languages.

Text modules and attachments

Fast response in high quality through text modules and attachments which are applied dynamically and automatically.

Quality Management

Supervisor controls the release and use of templates, text modules and attachments.

Approval Management

Before sending important Emails are submitted to the e.g. team-leader for approval. Template criteria such as customer, person, employee, business process, campaign, etc. can be freely defined.

Consolidated Communication

If there are multiple responses for the customer, these can either be transmitted individually or consolidated.

Realtime Monitoring

The monitoring of Emails is done in the same way as with other channels – centrally and in real time.


Email Communication can be archived and retrieved together with the communication in other channels,

360 ° documentation and logging

Complete documentation of communication processes across different channels. Automatic notification and archiving.

vacapo® Feature-Overview


Automated Call Distribution

ACD – Automatic Call Distribution shows the distribution across the most different communication channels (Telephone, Email, SMS, Chat, etc.). vacapo® supports all common distribution mechanisms More information

Email Automation

Emails need short processing times – even as volumes increase. vacapo® Email Automation helps you to structure and automatically respond to a flood of emails, to initiate redirects and to reduce response times even at increased volumes . More information

Voice Selfservice Portal

vacapo® supports your customers with natural, intelligent and dialogue-oriented Selfservices Dynamic, sympathetic and 24/7.

Cognitive Services Connector

The vacapo® Cognitive Services Connector combines internal logic with Automated Speech Recognition, Intent Recognition, and Text-to-Speech Services. More information


Dynamic Chat

If the right employee for the topic is available – and only then, vacapo® will offer chat to your customers. No annoying queue and efficient use of resources. More information

Business Application Workflow

vacapo® automates your workflows along Customer Communications. Across applications and departments. Your customers will be thrilled! More information


Low-code scripting

With vacapo® , all adjustments can be made with continuous Lowcode Scripting – without programming. This creates flexibility and saves time and money.


If your hotline is overloaded, vacapo® will automatically offer recalls. At times that are tailored to your Service-Center and that suit your customers. More information


Dynamic Recording

Dynamically automate Voice- and Email-Recordings with vacapo® and seamlessly integrate mobile communication! More information

Chatbot Services Integration

With vacapo®, you integrate existing Chatbot services into your voice-based Service-Center processes. This is how you establish new services and save cost at the same time. More information

Robotic Outbound Call

Automatic Outbound Calls to measure customer satisfaction. Your advantage: Pinpoint feedback in real time! More information


Time Record & Billing

vacapo® delivers perfectly updated data for accurate billing of times, services and much more. This saves you time and money with "Billing & Co."

Realtime Monitoring

The perfect orchestration of your Customer- and Service-Communication. With vacapo®, you can track processes in real time, have a perfect overview, and inspire your customers. More information

Automatic Appointment

Automated booking of appointments via website and co-booking of internal and external resources. Mit der Integration von vandante® das reinste Kinderspiel!

Automatic Translation

vacapo® translates text and voice dialogues in real time! Over 40 languages including back-translation. More information

Web architecture

The functionality of vacapo® is built on HTML5. Damit ist ein Einsatz On Premise ebenso möglich wie aus der Private Cloud. External users can be easily connected.


Pseudonymization & Right to be Forgotten

vacapo® supports the comprehensive pseudonymization of employee and customer data. Deletions are automated and dynamically controllable. More information

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