Free requirement analyses

Many questions.

We help you to ask the right questions – here are a few interesting and relevant topics:

How do customers feel when dealing with your organization?

Do you have documented the Customer Journey of your costumers yet? How do the personas described there experience communication with your company?

Do your customers have the free choice of channel?

May your customers choose their preferred communication channels, or are they obliged to use specific channels?

Is your customer service able to impress customers?

Do your customers like to use the given communication system? Is your organization capable of implementing this system well?

How do your employees communicate with your customers?

How do you make sure that your colleagues receive the best possible support?

Communication Volume

How many calls are answered per month or per year? How many Emails? How many Chats?

How can you optimize lead times?

Can you measure the lead time per request? Do you measure other channels too? What are you doing with the results? 

Do you measure customer satisfaction in real time? Automatically?

By which measures do you identify potential for improvement in real time?

These are just a few sample questions you should ask yourself. We have prepared a catalog of criteria for you and will gladly carry out a need analysis without any obligation. This appointment is free for you – it is best to arrange a date with us!

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