Using Messenger successfully in the contact center.

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Woman taps on a tablet.

vacapo® messenger

With vacapo® messenger, your customers communicate with you easily via the popular messenger services.

With vacapo® messenger you seamlessly integrate this communication into your omnichannel routing, monitoring and reporting.


Integrate popular messenger channels

Your customers will be happy!

WhatsApp has 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users. And Telegram stands out with its alternative positioning to the global providers.

Woman taps on a tablet.
Woman taps on a tablet.

Use Master Content & Rich Media

Communicate efficiently with the help of pre-made master content such as text modules, inserts, images, etc.

You can also inspire your customers by incorporating short explanatory videos directly into your messenger communication.

Communicate in parallel with multiple customers

With vacapo® messenger you can effortlessly engage in parallel communication with multiple customers. The number of simultaneous messengers is expanded based on demand, but can also be scaled back at any time.

Woman taps on a tablet.
Woman taps on a tablet.

Translate languages bidirectionally

With vacapo® messenger you can communicate with individuals whose language you don’t understand. If you wish, you can do it simultaneously – and in more than 100 different languages!

Automatic logging and deletion

With vacapo® messenger your messenger communication is automatically logged. The delivery of logs or filing, including archiving, can be freely defined.

You can automate the deletion of content with fine granularity and exactly according to your criteria.

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