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Fully integratable and systematic.

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vacapo® video

vacapo® video enriches your service offering with a currently highly sought-after channel. Through full integration into the Contact Center logic, your video customer communication becomes automatic and intelligently deliverable: Your customers can thus contact your company via video without needing to know personal details of the employees.

This is how video chat works in the Contact Center!




Various icons representing priority management.

Priority Management

With vacapo® video’s Priority Management, you can prioritize incoming video communications according to your criteria and dynamically based on employee availability, customer status, and even considering the workload of your other communication channels.

Various icons representing priority management.
Various icons representing the redirects.

Overflow and Forwarding Management

In vacapo® video, you benefit from a sophisticated Overflow and Forwarding Management. For example, during peak times, there is automatic redirection to other teams, employees, or even external service providers.

Illustration represents a video conference.

Conference call for competent support

With our conference call, you can easily add the 2nd level to the problem solving. This is done easily with vacapo® video, but we are also happy to connect other video conferencing systems used in your house.

Illustration represents a video conference.
Illustration represents recording.

Record and Evaluate

In vacapo® video, your team can record customer communication and conduct subsequent coaching evaluations. This allows you to enhance your communication quality in the video realm—sustainably and systematically!

Perfect interplay

The available interfaces of vacapo® video enable perfect interaction with your other customer service applications. Whether you’re using Salesforce, ServiceNow or other tools, integration lets you get the full potential of automated communication processes!

illustration represents the interplay.
illustration represents interoperability.
illustration represents interoperability.

Full Interoperability

With the already completed direct integration into Microsoft Teams, you ensure full interoperability between your contact center and other areas of the company, transparently and with enhanced status management included.

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