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vacapo® voice

With vacapo® voice callers are automatically recognized, prioritized and connected to the right team. With integrated voicebot and natural language IVR you automate dialogs with the best conversational AI services available on the market. Numerous features that we have developed together with our customers over the past years increase your productivity and customer orientation right from the start.

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Automated Call Distribution

ACD – the Automatic Call Distribution – makes it possible for your customers to be automatically identified via the Contact Center software and connected directly to the responsible employee, both internally and externally.

Telephone handset with arrow to a point that describes automation.

Identification of customers before answering the call

It is identified in a fraction of a second before routing and answering the call in your contact center. The rapid identification is the basis for many further automation steps with vacapo®.

Personalized welcome

Even before the call is accepted, the participant is greeted with freely definable music and announcement. This shortens the waiting time and creates a positive mood. The announcements can be used as recording or generated in real time by using Cognitive Services. The contact center software vacapo® allows the expansion of announcements up to complex IVR portals.

Personalized emergency announcements

Customers are automatically informed about current events such as technical faults before the call is accepted by vacapo®. This avoids waiting times, informs customers quickly and reduces the volume of call.

Skill Based Routing

The routing of the calls in the contact center software vacapo® is controlled dynamically and intelligently in real time based on internal as well as external events in different, connected source systems (CRM, ERP,…).

Dynamic Routing

The vacapo® voice contact center software connects your customers based on past events. For example, the software remembers a recently received call from the customer. In addition, the software intelligently governs on vacations or breaks of your employees.

VIP Routing

According to the status of the call participants, such as a VIP status, vacapo® performs an adequate, highly prioritized routing process, regardless of other existing routing settings.

Team Based Routing

Callers are connected by vacapo® to those teams and people the customer wants to speak to. The wish is understood and executed by vacapo® of course.

A minimalist clock with a telephone handset next to it.
A minimalist clock with a telephone handset next to it.

Automatic callback

The AutoCallBack function of the Contact Center software avoids long waiting times and impresses customers with an automatic recall. vacapo® voice competently detects long waiting times and plans an automatic callback, which is forwarded first to the right employee and then to the customer.

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Dynamic recording

We support you in quality assurance and in compliance with legal requirements in the areas of finance (MiFID II) and healthcare. vacapo® voice also provides the evaluation of recordings and thus creates the basis for permanent quality improvements in your team. Not only landline but also mobile calls are seamlessly recorded and assigned.

A clipboard with an image of an implied audio track.

Dynamic selection of recordings

vacapo® voice supports organizations in internal quality assurance as well as in compliance with the accounting regulations in the financial industry (MiFID II) and in the healthcare sector.

The selection, storage time and deletion of the recorded calls are dynamically based on freely definable criteria.

The recording is possible not only for fixed-line calls, but also for mobile calls.

Dynamic transcription

vacapo® voice offers the storage of dialogs not only as an audio file in different formats and qualities, but also transcribes automatically and can provide transcription as a protocol. For dialogs in different languages, the transcript is automatically translated into your company language and stored in your target system.

Voice recording of mobile devices

onrequest, vacapo ® also supports the complete recording of mobile conversations. In times of mobile communication, this is extremely important and is required by law, for example in the financial sector, using MiFID II. Quality assurance
In order to inspire customers again and again, constant work on the quality of communication is necessary and meaningful. vacapo® therefore offers comprehensive, easily implementable and individually structured evaluation options for the interview recordings.

Employees can thus be brought to the next level of quality in communication through targeted feedback and coaching.

Quality assurance

In order to ensure the quality of the interviews, vacapo® voice offers extensive and individually structured evaluation options.

Easy to find records

With the Dynamic Recording function of vacapo® voice, you can store recordings according to your defined dynamic criteria, easily find them or send them to an automatic deletion.

Happy robot with speech bubble.
Happy robot with speech bubble.

Voicebot dialogs with your Contact Center software

Good voicebot dialogues reflect your expert knowledge and related questions and processes. The language coloring used and the selected text-to-speech components are the basis for the intelligent personality of your voicebot.

In combination with vacapo® ai connect, the best cognitive and AI services can be used.
With vacapo® translate, the dialogues can also be translated into more than 40 languages.

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